The Limit of the Sun, Opera in two acts with Librettist Andrea Stolowitz. In progress workshops at Opera McGill and Nautilus Music Theater.

Jacqueline, Opera in Four Movements for Soprano and Cello (2019) 90′. Libretto by Royce Vavrek, dramaturgy by Michael Mori. Commissioned by Tapestry Opera, Nominated for five DORA AWARDS.

Project Earth, for flexible trio of instruments (2020) 12′. Incidental music to the play by Maia Petrucha. Commissioned by Catalina Arrubla for the students of Multi-Arts.

One to One to One, for three voices, three cellos and three basses 18’. Commissioned by the Arte Musica Foundation in response to “At the Carnival” by Jim Dine at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Text from Robert Creeley’s “The Finger.” Premiered Montreal, QC.

The Pillar, opera in 2 acts (in progress) 120’. Libretto by David Van Taylor. Based on the book, The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust, by Diana B. Henriques. Opera America Development Grant Recipient. Concert premiere Washington DC.

Better Gods, for 6 voices and chamber orchestra (2015) 60’. Libretto by Caitlin Vincent. Commissioned by the Washington National Opera, Francesca Zambello, Artistic Director. Premiered John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC.

Mélange à trois, a wordless opera for violin, cello and percussion (2014) 35’. Commissioned by Krystina Marcoux. Developed at the Banff Center for the Arts. Premiered Montreal, QC.

Suspense, for eight cellos and four percussionists (2013) 12’. New music to the silent film by Lois Weber. Commissioned by Uccello and the McGill Percussion Ensemble, premiered Montreal, QC.

Angel Heart, a music storybook, for narrator and five cellos (2011) 25’. On a new story by Cornelia Funke. Recorded by Jeremy Irons, Matt Haimovitz and Uccello. Premiered Carnegie Hall. Fully staged production with interpolated songs and lullabies for 4 voices, children’s choir, 8 cellos and mandolin 65’, directed by Brian Staufenbiel, premiered Napa, CA.

Orpheus on Sappho’s Shore, oratorio in two parts for soprano, tenor and nine instruments (2004) 45’. Libretto by Eleanor Wilner. Premiered Montréal, QC. Recorded on Oxingale Records.


But I Digress… for string orchestra and percussion ensemble (2018) 20’. Commissioned by Collectif9 and Architek Percussion. New Chapter Grant commission. Premiered Montreal, on tour 2018-2019.

Max’s Moon, for cello and string orchestra (2007/2009) 8’. Commissioned by the Minnesota Sinfonia for Matt Haimovitz, premiered Minneapolis, MN.

75th Fanfare, for orchestra (2008) 4’. Premiered by the Russian National Orchestra, Boca Raton, FL.

Où allons-nous?, for solo violin and chamber orchestra (2008) 15’. Commissioned by the Ensemble contemporaine de Montréal for Jonathan Crow, premiered Montreal, QC.

After the Wave, for orchestra (2005) 17’. Commissioned by the Greenwood Music School. Premiered St Pauls’ Chapel, New York.

Still Life Suite, Five Dances for Orchestra (1996) 15’. Premiered Harvard University.

Sanguinaria, for chamber orchestra and fifteen dancers, collaboration with choreographer Jon Meyers (1992) 45’ Premiered Oberlin College.


Missa in Fines Orbis Terrae, for choir and organ (2017) 14′. Commissioned for the choir of St. James Cathedral, Toronto.

How Bright the Darkness, a winter solstice carol, for baritone, SSA choir, perc., harp and string orchestra (2014) 6’. Commissioned and recorded by PENTATONE. Original text by Eleanor Wilner.

Après moi, le déluge, concerto for cello and SATB choir a cappella (2006) 25’. Original text by Eleanor Wilner. Commissioned by Matt Haimovitz. Premiered Madison, WI. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Into The Twilight, for SATB choir a cappella (2001) 7’. Text by W. B. Yeats, premiered by the Transylvania Philharmonic Choir, Cluj, Romania.

Songs for Women’s Chorus, SSAA (1995) 6’. Texts by James Joyce, commissioned and premiered by the Radcliffe choral Society.

To The Fire, for six male voices a cappella (1994) 14’. Old Testament text.


Climbing the Sea, for soprano and piano (2019) 5’. Text by Hammaad Chaudry

Ballad of a Hair Model, for mezzo-soprano and piano (2019) 5’. Text by Andrea Stolowitz

Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC, for tenor and piano (2019) 3’. Text by Naveen Bahar Choudhury

Scene from Vertigo, for soprano, bass-baritone and piano (2019) 8’. Libretto by Barry Kaplan.

Turning the Tables, for soprano, mezzo-oprano and piano (2019) 7’. Libretto by Mona Mansour.

Behind the Bars, for soprano, cello and piano, on words from the song by Elliot Smith (2018) 5’. Commissioned by Rork Music for Lisa Delan.

Traum durch die Dämmerung, for soprano and piano (2017) 4’. Commissioned by Lieder Alive.

We are God’s Children, for mezzo-soprano and string quartet (2014) 10’. Commissioned by Carnegie Hall. Premiered by Mezzo-Soprano Joyce Didonato and The Brentano String Quartet, Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall, New York City.

Rumi: Quatrains of Love, for soprano, cello and piano (2012) 12’. Commissioned by Lisa Delan, texts by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks. Recorded on PENTATONE.

When you Least Expect it, for solo T-Stick (2010) 10’. Commissioned by D. Andrew Stewart.

Odas de Todo el Mundo, for soprano, cello and piano (2006) 8’. Commissioned by Lisa Delan, poem by Pablo Neruda. Premiered New York, NY. Recorded on PENTATONE.

I am a Fish, for soprano and string quartet (2005) 17’. Commissioned by Jama Jandrokovic on her poems from Five Lovers. Premiered Alice Tully Hall.

Reluctance, for soprano, oboe and bassoon on a text by Robert Frost (2000) 7’. Premiered by the Syrinx Ensemble.

Epithalamion, for soprano and cello on a text by Richard Crashaw (1998) 7’. Premiered Holyoke, MA. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Sonnet CXXX, for soprano, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and violin, on Shakespeare’s sonnet (1993) 9’. Commissioned by the Syrinx Ensemble, premiered Longmeadow, MA.

She Weeps over Rahoon, for two voices or two-part chorus (1991/2011) 3’. A musical labyrinth.

Luna Roja, for tenor, flute, Eng. horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello (1991) 14’. Commissioned by Juan Carlos Franco, premiered Oberlin Conservatory.


Too Many Vodka Tonics, I think, for string quartet (2019) 4’.

Entanglement, for cello and percussion (2016) 8’.

The Impressionists, for three violas (2005) 10′. Commissioned by Sweetwater Music Weekend, premiered Leith, ON, by Scott St John, Dougls McNabney, and Virginia Barron.

Ontogeny, for bassoon, horn and piano quartet in three movements (2004) 16’. Commissioned by Stephen Walt and Jean Rife, premiered Saratoga Springs, NY.

Regression, for flute, violin, viola, cello (2002) 14’. Commissioned and premiered by the El Paso Pro-Musica Chamber Music Festival for Eugenia Zukerman.  Premiered El Paso, TX.

Ten Images, Gifts in Miniature for Deborah Sherr, for clarinet & cello (2001) 13’. Commissioned by Bill Feinstein, premiered Amherst College. Performed Austin, TX, Boston, Montreal.

String Trio (Pueraria lobata), for violin, viola, and cello in three movements (2000) 19’. Premiered Amherst College.

Epithalamion, Version for oboe and bassoon 7’. Premiered Agawam, MA.

Wedding Processional, for string quartet (1997) 3’. Premiered Plainfield MA.

Quartet for Oboe and Strings, (1995) 9’. Premiered Harvard University.

Chimera, for chamber ensemble (1993) 11’. Premiered Harvard University.

Violad, for two violas (1993) 11’. Premiered Oberlin Conservatory.


Diaphanous Grace for solo cello (2020) 6′. Commissioned by the Primavera Project and recorded on the album, PRIMAVERA I: the wind

Lili‘uokalani for solo cello piccolo (2015) 11’. An overture to Bach’s Cello Suite VI commissioned by Matt Haimovitz for his Overtures to Bach. Premiered Miller Theater, Columbia University. Recorded on the PENTATONE Oxingale Series.

Five Bagatelles, for solo piano (2010) 8’. Commissioned by Katherine Jacobson. Premiered Westchester, NY. Bagatelle IV premiered by Christopher O’Riley on NPR’s From the Top.

Sarabande, for solo cello (2009) 8’. Commissioned by Matt Haimovitz. Premiered Winnipeg, MB. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Two Score, for solo cello (2004) 5’. Premiered Northampton, MA, by Matt Haimovitz.

Impromptu, for cello solo (2001) 7’. Commissioned by the Beethoven Festival for Matt Haimovitz, premiered Bonn, Germany. Recorded on Oxingale Records.


Bela Bartók/Woolf: 1st Rhapsody, for four cellos.

Bela Bartók/Woolf: Roumanian Dances, for four cellos. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Ernst Bloch/Woolf: Prayer, for cello and orchestra.

Leonard Cohen/Woolf: Everybody Knows, for cello and three voices.

Leonard Cohen/Woolf: Who by Fire, for cello and three voices.

Traditional/Getty/Woolf: All Through the Night, for three voices, children’s choir, mandolin and eight cellos. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Getty/Woolf: The Adventurer, for soprano and four cellos. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Jake Heggie/Woolf: Danny Boy, for baritone and eight cellos. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Lennon-McCartney/Woolf: Helter Skelter, for solo cello. Recorded on the PENTATONE Oxingale Series.

Led Zeppelin/Haimovitz/Woolf: Kashmir, for four cellos. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Franz Schubert/Woolf: Arpeggione Sonata, for cello and string orchestra.

Franz Schubert/Woolf: Arpeggione Sonata, for cello and full orchestra.

Traditional/Woolf: Ho Ho Watanay, for baritone and eight cellos. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Traditional/Woolf: O Waly Waly, for three voices and four cellos. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Traditional/Woolf: Oh Absalom, for mezzo-soprano, baritone and cello. Recorded on Oxingale Records.

Traditional/Woolf: Sleep Baby Sleep, for voice and cello. Recorded on Oxingale Records.